About Us

Aussie Brush Club is an Australian owned and operated family company, based in Tasmania, reliably providing customers around Australia with eco-friendly, cost effective Bamboo brushes as they need them. This eliminates the plastic waste and ensures you always have a new, effective and hygienic brush.

Our service is inexpensive, and our brushes are high quality, delivered to your door and better for the environment, what’s not to love?

If you want to get in touch head over to the contact page or email us at info@aussiebrushclub.com

Better for the environment

Australians throw out around about 900 Tonnes of toothbrushes per year! This is based on 2 brushes per person (which shows people are forgetting to replace theirs!). Our brushes are 99% bamboo, with the 1% being the bristles which need to be Nylon or PBT to ensure a hygienic clean. Bamboo is fully compostable, which means you’re cutting down on 99% of your plastic waste!

Better for your health

Gone are the days where you realise the frayed plastic brush was due for a replacement weeks ago! It’s our job to ensure you and your family always have a new brush when you need it. You’ll never need to go to the post office to collect either, not only is our shipping free, but our eco-friendly packaging was designed to slip straight into your letter box, just like an envelope!

Better for your schedule

Your teeth are important! So we think its worthwhile to have the best tool for the job. As you use your toothbrush, it becomes worn and the effectiveness of the brush is lost. It also carries with it more germs, which is something you want to avoid putting in your mouth! We make sure you get your new brush when you need it!